Tia – mylittlehippo Nov 2009 – August 2013 RIP

This page is dedicated to Tia.  In Tia’s short time with me, she had great adventures and a wonderful social life.

Tia Mastiff was another breeding dog dumped in Richmond Park London, when her owners could no longer make money.

A rescue called Rescue Remedies came forward to save her. Tia was spayed, kenneled and her health issues were addressed.
I offered to home Tia, as clearly she only had a short time to leave due to complicated health issues.

We fought pneumonia, heart and breathing problems, demodectic mange and finally cancer, but celebrated 3 years 9 months of unconditional love.

Tia was a Diamond Tia

The Pubs!

Tia was a frequent visitor to all dog friendly pubs in my area Cannock, Staffordshire.  Shoal Hill Tavern and The Boat Penkridge her favourites. Tia was more people friendly than dog friendly.  I think was down to the amount of puppies she had in her past. Tia knew the pubs and the routine! a few scratchings or a sausage were her treats.


Tia loved Wales. We visited Newquay, Borth Beach and Talacre Bay.
I don’t think she had another life previous to staying with me…sad really as she was full of love and eventually forgot her demons of the past.

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