iPad Photo Manager

Connect IPad to PC
Open Photo Manager
Touch transfer button top left
Touch transfer button
Note information

How to set up FTP – I use ws_ftp professional

Site name – anything

Host name – you get this from transfer info in the software it starts Host:

Username Linkus

Password Linkus

NOTE you must change the port to 2121

IN ws_ftp its in Advanced remote port change from 21 to 2121

iPad IP Address

To find the IP address of your iPad on the Wi-Fi network,
Settings application and tap Wi-Fi
Choose a network
Look for your Wi-Fi network indicated by the tick marker, and then tap on the arrow on the right-hand side
This will show your IP address

IPad Delete Playlist

A playlist that you created on the iPad
just tap and hold down on the playlist icon and an X will pop up to delete it

IPad Delete Music

How to delete songs directly from the Music app on your iPad
Launch the Music app
Tap through to any song, and slide sideways on the track name to bring up a red “Delete” button
Tap that to delete the song
To delete another song just repeat the process.

IPad Add Photos

Is the IPAD driving you mad
Do you want to transfer photos from your PC or MAC and evry time you sync with itunes you lose your last sync of images

Then purchase from Apps Photo Manager Pro £1.99

Use the FTP option (Cyberduck is free) and its easy

Remember to add the port info