Basics of owning your own website

Want a Hobby/Small Business Website…without all the stress of setting up?

Domain Registration

Buying Your Domain
I recommend purchasing your domain name from 123 REG you can purchase a hosting plan from the same company. I prefer to keep my domains and hosting seperate.
Over to your domain registrar of choice — You’ll see a search bar for looking up domains. Enter yours choice and you’ll see domain name options based on your search.
Domain names are all the rage now….everyone wants one for personal blogging hobby/business websites. Think carefully before you purchase. Think ‘distinctive individual’ something that unites your project and you together. Caution when you purchase any domain name….Watch the tick boxes as they will easily try to encourage you to buy web space….and extras. look for the search engine box this will help you find your perfect dream domain name!
123 Reg has a good interface control panel and will respond should you have a problem.

123 Basics of Owning a Website

Building Blocks Of A Website
1. Domain name (what you are called, with a or .com type extension) Choose a name that people can relate to.
2. Hosting (the server where your website content is stored) Choose a reliable one, ask how much webspace included in the package.
3. The Design (I recommend WordPress as it is very modern and user-friendly)

A lot of companies bulk these three components together and customers can get confused about what they own.  Unfortunately there is often a catch with domain ownership and control.  I advise clients to have their own domain name purchased independently from 123 reg and have their own hosting (control panel) log in, as well as their own login for the WordPress content.

Hosting your Website with mylittlehippo

Secure UK hosting with 24/7 backup.
Your own easy to use control panel with up to to 5 email addresses.
Mylittlehippo use BPWEB for managed WordPress hosting but there are a lot of great hosting company options out there.
There are pros and cons for all of them, most important is good communication with your hosting company and quick response on email.

I will host a website for you for £50.00 per year.
This includes installation of WordPress, a premium wordpress theme and email address set up.


WordPress is web software used to create a beautiful website or blog.
WordPress is both free and an invaluable tool.

Wordpress Themes

WordPress comes installed with free themes, I subscribe to Elegant Themes and use their premium theme called Divi.
Divi is a popular WordPress theme and includes the visual drag & drop Divi page builder, its also mobile friendly.

Content and Images

You will be required to provide your own written content for your website.

Select your images carefully.  These can be provided from your own shots with a good quality camera.
Free high quality images can be sourced from any of the free stock image links below:

Paid stock photos can be purchased from Shutterstock OR iStock

I only want an email address

My advice is to look at 123 Reg and calculate the cost of an email address; remember you only own the email address and NOT the domain name.