Important Information for Non UK Microchips

When your pet arrives in the UK, the first port of call is the Pet Passport Control. Here the officers make checks to ensure that all requirements of entry have been followed. This includes scanning your pet to obtain the microchip number and checking that it matches that on the Pet Passport. If all is good, you and your pet are given clearance to enter the UK.

However, Pet Passport Control may fail to mention the importance of registering your pets microchip on a UK database.

Should your pet go missing and its microchip not registered in the UK, when it is found and scanned, it will result in it being unregistered.
Here is an example of a Microchip Look Up Result.


If you have a microchipped pet that is implanted with a non UK microchip, data entered in the country of origin does NOT transfer to the UK. You have to register the microchip and your information on a UK microchip database. Please complete the online application form on the website link below