About Me

How I fell into Hosting and Website design

I always wanted to help save dogs that arrive at pounds/shelters i.e. dogs on death row.
My offers to help local pounds/rescues in the Staffordshire area only attracted rejection.
In 2008 I was found by a London dog rescue Rescue Remedies.

2009 was the creation of Staffie Rescue, the perfect domain name to create a website to save staffies on death row.
This was a hugely succesful venture and I am proud to have been a part of it.
Websites, Patterdale Terrier Rescue and Ambull Dog Rescue followed.
Terrier Rescue and Rescue Remedies had refreshing makeovers.

All the Rescue Remedies websites are sponsored by mylittlehippo.

During my voluntary work with Rescue Remedies I have been approached several times to help and advise on domain ownership and hosting a website.

This is why now, I finally have decided to advertise my services.

If your interested in hosting a website or working with Glow Dog Studios then please drop me a message.


Please send a message and your contact details